Thursday, December 1, 2011

Story Idea - True Friend

This is the story of a group of friends. They have a great life together and when one of them dies after an accident, after a time spent in hospital reduced to a vegetable. They meet at his funeral and make a pact. That if anyone is incapacitated, the others would find a way to kill him off and reduce his or her suffering. They sign a paper to this effect.

As luck would have it the one who proposes the pact, suffers an accident and is paralysed head down. The dilemma when they all meet is, do we kill him off or do we let him continue as a vegetable. One of the friends wants to honour the pact because he loves his friend truly and does not want to see him this way. He agonises over their friend's condition and it does appear that he is truly convinced that his friend would be better off dead, as their other friend was.

The wife, a part of the group, does not want the husband killed as she believes that he still has a chance unlike the other guy. The group is undecided. When they talk to the injured person they see nothing but terror in his eyes as he knows what they are all discussing.

It is clear that one of them wants him dead. But is it merely for the love of his friend that he wants to kill him off? Was the accident a real accident or was there more? What does the incapacitated man know that he is facing death? (Possible resolutions - affair between accident victim's wife and the guy who wants him killed. Or, a suspicion that he pulled the plug on the first friend which makes his friend want to avenge him.) Kind of corny but a B grade material nonetheless.

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