Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Learnings from the Workshop

This is something I learnt from the workshop that concluded today, where Amar and I had an opportunity to deal with slightly senior workmen. Firstly, the paperwork needs to come down - number of handouts to be halved. Secondly, the writing work could be made more fun by designing the same material differently, in a fun manner. Also, combining the handouts to be examined. Thirdly, the concepts to be clearly separated and one clear point made in each exercise - no overlapping. Each concept to be presented in a simple, clear manner. Fourthly, each concept is best understood if it is demonstrated with an example first. Easier to convey the message and also easier for them to work on their exercises.

All points - of giving one's best, of recognising, nurturing and encouraging the champion inside each one of us, constantly pushing to give 100%, knowing that nothing goes waste, knowing that all effort certainly comes in good, putting 100% in one area that none likes to enjoy the fruits of the effort, importance of planning, of action, of belief, of learning to handle discomfort, of knowing strengths, of knowing how to work on weaknesses, of fulfilling the gap - got across well. There was a bit of confusion in a few handouts and that can be sorted out.

The feedback was good and heartwarming. Certainly a difference has been made to the 25 participants, something I genuinely felt as I saw the look n their eyes and heard their feedback. Job well done!

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