Thursday, December 8, 2011

Story idea - The Anniversary

On every anniversary of his meeting his love, a young man, seeks out the girl of his affections across the world and proposes to her in many new ways to woo her to him. For the rest of the year he disappears and builds his life and business but for that one day, his birthday, and also the day she spurns his first proposal, he goes to meet his love and proposes to her.

He meets her without fail for twenty five years and one year he does not meet her on the anniversary. That sets the girl thinking. She has always told him that her life was something else when in reality it was not (need to build a back story). Now the girl sets out to find what happened to the man who wooed her for twenty five years without any response from her. In her journey she uncovers the truth behind that person.

I really like the idea of someone coming up like clockwork on every anniversary, proposing in a different and creative manner each time, in a nice way so that it brings a smile to one's face, just to say that someone is still waiting. I also like the prospect of the role reversal. Needs some work though.


Rajendra said...

Very interesting.

Harimohan said...

Raja, I can see the interval point when the lad fails to turn up and she is looking out for him. Post interval is her search.