Monday, December 5, 2011

Story Idea - The Team

Man gets a letter from an old team mate (perhaps a cricket team). Letter has some information which makes sense only to him, like a clue, which he has to fill in a jigsaw puzzle that is given alongwith, and a place and a time in the future. Curious the man gets to the appointed place and time and finds a couple more of his friends, rather team mates, from a cricket team that played together thirty years ago. They have similar notes - a time and a place and one incident in their life that fits into the jigsaw. As they wait they are joined by a few more. Comparing the notes, they realise that their old team mate is dead and he is apparently try to give them a clue to his death. Most land up, they have to find and motivate a couple and one or two are not traceable.

As they piece together the mystery that the man has knitted together so delicately that no one would be able to decipher it by themselves they realise that their old team mate dies because of a bigger conspiracy, an opponent so dangerous that he could kill. Now that they know the secret all of them are also in danger and their only hope is to find the killer before he finds them. The only problem is that the killer could be one of them!

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