Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thought for the Day - What Picture Have we Painted for Our World?

The test is simple. How do you view life around you? With joy? Adventure? Happiness? Love? Or is it with Fear? Disillusionment? Disappointment? Anger? Apathy? Ask yourself what your perception of the world around you is and it could give you a fair clue of what you have prepared yourself for all these years. If its fear (for example) or love, then, it is really something you have brought yourself to believe. That the world is truly a place worth fearing or loving as the case maybe. On the other hand, if you believe the world is unfair (or an abundant place), you could be looking at a world that is exactly like that. The key is this - you always find what you are looking for.

If I catch myself looking disinterestedly at the world, I realise that it is something that I have been thinking and believing for some time now. That the world is a dull place, a boring unfair place, one that I have no fun in. I can continue to look for the same thing to repeat itself and I will certainly find it.

Or I can quickly realise what damage I have done to my world view and repair it. How? By looking for what I would like to find. Happiness, joy, love, treasure, abundance etc. If I start changing the way I look at the world, or more simply, if I start looking for different things, I will find them. Once again, we always find what we look for. If you are looking for a needle of trouble in a haystack, you will find it surely and never even see the haystack!

These view points of ours about our world are our own and we can control them. We are given an empty canvas and asked to paint what we want. And that is what we see. A beautiful picture will not emerge if we have been painting with no interest, no passion, no enthusiasm, no joy! As in a painting, the world view we have, is a result of a process too. It comes after an effort. So what we are seeking in our world is a result of our effort to make it that way - good or bad. We have painted it, prepared it, and are now looking at it. No one but us is responsible for the world we have created.

But the good news is that this painting is something we can wipe off. The good God has given us an opportunity to create what we want (he is indeed kind) so we can start erasing what we have painted and then paint a new picture that we want to see. This will take a while. We need a clear visualisation of what we want, the right colours first. Then we have to wipe away what we had created earlier and start on a fresh slate sometimes (or we can merely fine tune parts of what we have), but its all in our hands. As long as we are alive we can keep creating the masterpiece we want, the world we want, so we can see it. The pictures are only in our fearless imagination, the colours are but in our thoughts. See them, feel them, create it all, the picture, the colours, the music. In a while (the time it takes us to completely see the detail you want in your life lovingly), you will see the world view changing to one where there is opportunity all around, love and joy, enthusiasm and laughter and all those nice things in life.

All the tools are with everyone of us. It is now only a matter of whether we really want a better painting. Whether we have the guts to create the painting we want.

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