Monday, December 12, 2011

Story idea - The Messy Messengers Mess

This is the story of two estranged lovers who cannot meet one another for some reason - let's say since they stay in different places and their parents are opposed to this. Also they are pretty rich!

The girl gets a male messenger to convey her messages to her lover without arousing any suspicion to others. The man also hires a female messenger to help convey his messages to his woman. All is well so far!

The problem starts when the four of them get tangled in a mess thanks to some miscommunication by the messengers. A message meant for someone reaches someone else. Lies are told, cover ups arranged but to no avail. By the time the mess is unravelled, all equations in the tangle are changed!

The idea of course is to develop it along as a comedy of errors. With romance and drama already in, this could be an interesting story to develop. On the other hand, what I started with was a romance where the female messenger falls in love with her subject and the other tw, the spurned woman and her male messenger seek revenge!

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