Thursday, December 8, 2011

Puss in Boots - Movie Review

I had promised Anjali that we'd watch 'Puss in Boots' today. She in turn invited her cousin Shaurya and her aunt Mythily as well and we all went off to Prasad's IMAX for a 6 O clock show. The show we went to was only on the big screen so the tickets were a hefty 250 bucks apiece but if one has to watch a movie like 'Puss in boots' in 3D, its best this way.

'Puss in Boots' is the macho cat who is great with his sword (he gives serious competition to Rajnikanth in style). But this cat is amazing. He is also an outlaw. While looking to steal magic beans (of the Jack and bean stalk fame) from the evil Jack and Jill, he bumps into another stylish kitty, this one a skillful girl, Kitty Soft Paws, who matches Puss move for move. Her only disadvantage is that she has no claws (hence soft paws). Kitty's friend Humpty Alexander Dumpty, the egg, arrives on the scene and there is a backstory of how Puss and Humpty Dumpty grew up in an orphanage and were brother-like until Puss was betrayed by Humpty Dumpty and is now an outlaw for no fault of his. Anyway the three make up, steal the magic beans, grow the beanstalk, go to the castle in the sky, find the goose the lays the golden eggs and slide down to give the bounty to their town San Ricardo. However all's not well as Puss finds out that Humpty Dupty has once again betrayed him in his quest for revenge against Puss. Even Kitty is with him just as Jack and Jill are.

Puss is packed off to jail where he meets Jack of the beanstalk fame who is now a rather old man. Jack however warns Puss of the danger the town faces as the big goose Terror from the castle in the sky is indeed the golden goose's mother and she would come looking for her child. All hell breaks loose as the giant mother goose arrives but not before Puss saves the town with a little help from Humpty Dumpty, a reformed egg now, and Kitty who always loved him. The two cats evade the spears and swords as they run away together. Puss is now a hero in the eyes of his town.

It is cute. Puss is fabulous. Kitty and Humpty Dumpty as well. Visually very appealing. And there are the witty one liners that fly from all characters easily. What it lacks is the depth of a Kung Fu Panda. It is quite happy to stay at that level and entertain on a visual and a rather superfluous level. No complaints with the movie and its money well spent as Puss and Kitty take the audience on a super ride with their antics. I enjoyed it!


Rajendra said...

Saw a trailer of this while watching Tintin. Looked promising.

Dr. Seven said...

We saw it a few days ago. Agree with your assessment. Good visuals, good time-pass, no great substance.

Harimohan said...

So it is Dr. Seven. Good to see you around.