Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flash Mob at CST - Sheer Joy to Watch

The above picture is of the flash mob dance at the CST on November 11, 2011. To see the video check on the youtube link given below and you know what joy a free flowing expression gives to everyone. It's amazing.

And then there are more at this link, the best one to me being the one on 'Do re me'.

In a world where expression is muted, is not heard, it is increasingly important that we revive the arts and humanities. We need the dance, the song, the sheer joy of expression that takes our lives to a higher level. This like Shobha said to me while watching the video "is what we need to bring back to our lives". I could not agree more! I could do with such joy everyday, every moment.

I love the joy and spontaneity with which these youngsters gave expression to themselves, to the times, to the world we live in. I saw the interview with the lead dancer and she said it was choreographed and practiced hard. I am amazed at the CST officials and all those involved at giving them permissions and actually making it happen at 5 p.m. at CST which is unbelievable. After the terror attack CST, one of the busiest places in India, needed something like this to cleanse it of those memories. For all those who participated and made it happen well done all and a big thank you for showing us what was missing in our lives.

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Rajendra said...

Great fun! What Anjali does regularly at home.