Friday, December 30, 2011

Boxing Day Business - Not a Good Idea for Indian Cricket or for India

The more I think of it the more I am convinced that this Boxing Day business is not a good idea for Indian cricket. It sounds as ominous as the Friday finals in Sharjah had been against Pakistan when they were capable of getting 12 runs in a ball if required.

Firstly the name itself sounds ominous - Boxing Day match. Secondly, the Aussies come all charged up with good vibes from Christmas at home and get into the act of sorting things out, even if we take the best team out there (I suspect, some divine play at work). Third reason for not having the Boxing Day punch up is that it starts the year on a low for our Indian team and it takes a while for them to get out of the sad start. It not only reflects in its performance during the year, it has a cascading effect for a billion Indians as well who look more to the Indian cricket team's fortunes than to the economic indicators for signs of growth. This dull start by the team and the people could consequently affect all our plans of taking over the world soon (which could be a conspiracy against us by jealous neighbours).

Time BCCI started flexing its muscles again and putting up a fight for no Boxing Day matches as it involves not just cricket but the future of our country as well. And there is also a case to get some divine intervention in and fix up games on all important Indian festivals - and we have plenty - to examine this theory of the role god plays in cricket.

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