Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thought for the Day - Smiles Indicate Opportunities, Scowls Indicate Closed Minds

To know more of our outlook to life we could look at how we look at the world. Literally. Do we look at it with a smile or with a frown. How do you greet people or strangers - with smiles or frowns?

A smile would indicate an openness to explore the world. An openness that is open to opportunity. An attitude that says I trust the world and I trust myself to handle whatever comes my way.
(Artwork by Anjali)

If we sport a scowl or a frown perpetually it could indicate that we are not open to the world. We are closed to life. We will only take in what we want, at our terms. We are closed to life as it comes and with it all the opportunities and excitement it brings.

A smile is normally accompanied by an openness to look at the world in the eye, to speak or hear. A frown or a scowl would indicate a tendency to look at one's own feet and if we look at others, with a hostility that says clearly - Keep Off!

Watch how you look at the world. For fun, new experiences, growth and opportunities a smiley approach helps. For boredom, resentment, anger, a sense of persecution and lost opportunities, the scowl works perfectly. Check out your approach!

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