Friday, January 28, 2011

Golconda High School - Now At Gokul

Well this was a real surprise. I was checking out the theatres that GHS was playing in this week when I suddenly saw the name of Gokul theatre. My face broke into a huge smile when I saw that - its like the same pride of playing a big match before your home crowd. Gokul was our home theatre ever since it got made way back in the late seventies or early eighties. I remember it being made, remember going to the first movies there, remember going there with family, with friends and many times alone. In college when you had nothing else to do, I'd put the four or five bucks that the top class cost and strolled over to watch whatever movie was playing. I remember watching 'Star' which had Kumar Gaurav in the role of a rock star alone. Many big movies like Naseeb (Chanti and Visalakshi), Mahaan (Hari and gang on the first day first show), Kaalia (Mohan), Bobby and several other movies in Hindi and Telugu were watched here.

So when I saw the list of theatres I could not hold myself back and called Ashok Yadav, the owner of the theatre along with several of his cousins, and a fine cricketer in his day, and said that we'd watch it together. Of course Ashok said that we should watch the morning show at 1145 and so I went to the theatre where I was joined by Sriraj and we viewed it from the balcony. Gokul is a massive theatre which seats 1200 and I could see its size for the first time. The theatre was only partly full but whatever crowd was present had a ball whistling and yelling at all the high points.

This evening I had a date with VB Chandrasekhar, former Indian cricketer and selector and now commentator, who has been supportive of my writing forays and was my guest at the Chennai launch of 'The Men Within'. He was in town to commentate on the Duleep Trophy match and despite his hectic schedule he made it to the movie at Prasad's where the show was half full. VB does not understand Telugu but he sat through it and enjoyed himself. So for the first time in my life I ended up seeing the same movie twice in a day. I am glad that the movie was Golconda High School and once again I saw it from the first credits to the end. I really do not want to miss out a single frame.

Another first for the day was going to the Secretariat. That was an interesting experience too.


Anonymous said...

hello sir this is swethan hope you rememereber me.well to tell about GHS was turned out to be really a good one movie is really good and credit for it goes to you but the ending i mean climax was not the way i thought it would be filmed you could have shot them with better cameras.sir you promised me that you will mail me the snap we took during the shooting of GHS with rehmat baig sir thanks for making me a tiny part of GHS team..And keep going sir i loved your blog very much even though i too write blog but yours is the best i have ever seen and read i almost spend 6 hours straight way in front of my laptop reading your blog it was as gripping as your novels..please mail me the pic to my gmail account hope we can some videos of us bowling during the play and all so that we can keep them as our memories in life .....please helpo us to find some videos which we have done during the shooting sir sorry to trouble you but its kinda....

Harimohan said...

Hi Swethan,
Good to hear from you. Glad you liked the movie. We did the best we could in the constraints we had. Will send the pic by mail surely. I also appreciate the kind words you had to say about my blog as well. Send me a link to your blog too. Also you can write to me at my mail id