Saturday, September 4, 2010

Workshop Done

The 2 day workshop at ABS concluded today. Went off well, got some good feedback about the sessions and how I could modify or use them better. I am impressed that they actually stuck out the 2 days despite all the tough questions, lots of self-introspection and stuff like that which they are not used to. I am really impressed with that.

My throat which was playing up just about took me to the finish line and now it hurts like hell. I am also just about able to squeak - haven't spoken a word since 5 in the evening. Hoping that some rest will do the trick and I will be back to normal by tomorrow morning. I did miss out some 10% in the end in terms of concluding the workshop properly due to my sore throat but hearing the students give their feedback, I realised that they pretty much got what I intended them to.

Good luck my young friends at ABS and wishing that you get all that you dream about and much more!

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