Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work On New Novel - The Misfit

I have been putting in a few hours into getting 'The Misfit' into some shape. Now 'The Misfit' was the first complete novel that I wrote and as such is very close to my heart. So I will ensure that it gets published and gets into the public domain as my third novel. Since its been written and rewritten many times already I know the story well. I had a fair idea how the book progress but somehow the structure needed more definite boundaries which I succeeded in putting up.

Compound walls erected, broad divisions identified, progression logic under control, devices identified to make story tauter, it is generally falling in. I can see another 20% work before it gets into its final shape but its good enough for Keerti, my editor, to look at and give me her evaluation. I have a Bangalore trip planned to meet her this weekend. Only wondering about the shooting schedule. If there is shooting this week I will have to go early next week maybe.

After Keerti looks at it, I will sit down and rework it. But I have the story under control now, it will be much to do with presentation and delivery. Which could mean a complete rewrite of the story as well!

Anyway, glad that I finished the first draft. Celebration time!


Anonymous said...

Waiting for the book to release.
Also waiting for more of your lists. You have been doing your favorites or best of ... lists now how about a least favorite or worst of ... list.

Harimohan said...

Ha Anon, that will be difficult. I tend to forget those 'least fav / worst of' names pretty fast. But should be interesting now that you brought it up. Will try one.
And thanks. I am waiting to see The Misfit in print as well.