Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good Review for 'Let's Play'

The Young World in The Hindu today (September 28, 2010) published a review of 'Let's Play' the children's sports stories by Puffin to which I had contributed my short story 'The Secret Weapon'. Madhumitha Srinivasan in her review says:

"While some stories have plots completely woven around the sport, a few have it as a part of larger themes like friendship and compassion.

If you thought that only games like chess needed strategising, then 'The Secret weapon' will make you think again.It is an out and out cricket-based story that talks about on-field game play complete with field placement, bowling strategies."

Bang on Madhumitha. That story was about strategy, about using your head to outplay a stronger opponent, and I am glad you appreciated the thought.

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