Friday, September 24, 2010

Evening Out At Golf Club

Mama called me at 7 and asked me if I'd care to join him, Kiri and Koni for an evening out at the Golf Club, Tolichowki. I was not up to it since my foot was hurting a bit but I had not met Mama and Kiri for a while so I decided to hop over and say hello at the starting point - Koni's house.

We drove along in two cars to the Golf Club since Raghu joined us as well, chatting up and catching up. It's somewhere near the Quli Qutub Shah tombs en route to Golconda. I liked the location, it looked great sitting outdoors next to the golf lawns. There was piped music at a very low volume playing and they played a whole lot of 80s stuff. I won a bet off Kiri who did not get a Blondie song, one off Koni (that was easy) who did not get a Bryan Adams song and another off Kiri who did not get Duran Duran. Enjoyed my pineapple juice, while Koni spent half an hour trying to get a rather persistent official off his back, and got dropped back in Mama's car.

Very nice.

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