Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rohit Ranka a.k.a Noel - Cute, Mischievous and Savvy

Meet Rohit Ranka, the cute 13 year old who plays the role of another cute young lad from 'The Men Within' - Noel. At first sight, most agree that he fits the image that Noel conjures, and I agree to that as well. Wiry, vulnerable and mischievous - Rohit has a side to him that makes him constantly the centre of attention. Whether pulling somebody's leg or getting someone into trouble, the trail normally leads to this youngster who will look back and query - 'What sir? I did not do anything sir? He only...'

Rohit alias Noel at Don Bosco  - check out his cap!

Get the picture? That is Rohit for you. Studying in his ninth class at Gitanjali School in Begumpet he is already into his 2nd movie with this (he has done a documentary as well). His latest, Lotus Pond, is due for release in November. Rohit is an actor, and has not many pretensions about his cricketing abilities. He tries his best though and never doubts his ability even in doing things that might be difficult for him. 'Yes sir, I can do it sir,' he says though I know that it will be difficult for his ability. He tries whole heartedly and more often than not, succeeds. I do admire that confidence that these boys have in doing things they are not trained to. Like taking high catches for example.

Rohit trained under Altaf sir and took acting courses under him. He has done several skits, acted in plays and performed in dance shows.  He is fully focused on an acting career he says, and will train further towards it. He appears a natural at it as well, conscious of his looks, his clothes. From a non-filmi background, Rohit's father is a businessman and mother a housewife. Rohit has an older brother and a younger sister.

In his free time Rohit plays computer games, squats on facebook, plays online games. Not one for outdoor games he prefers playing caroms, table tennis and badminton. His favourite actors are Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and his list of great movies include 3 Idiots, Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai.

'I love my role as Noel,' says the young lad with a cheeky smile. He enjoyed  the shoot so far he says and loved meeting so many new people. Rohit has a mature head on his young shoulders and is one of the few youngsters his age who knows his strengths very well. It's almost as if he knows that he will make it, somehow, just a question of when. On the sets, one can see him constantly running away from one guy or another, who he has played some trick upon. On the other hand, one can also see him spending time with technicians from different departments, talking intensely, about God knows what. I am sure he has all their numbers with him.

Rohit is a pleasure to have on the sets because he is so lively and brings a freshness to the whole atmosphere. He did his cricket parts gamely and will pass muster comfortably in cricketing aspects. That is a big thumbs up for him in itself, because he started almost from scratch. One of the things I will not forget about Rohit was the bat he brought to the sets - his personal one. And it is clearly the heaviest bat I have ever lifted in my life - and I have seen some heavy ones - how this wisp of a boy thought  he could play with that bat was always a mystery to me. 'I like this bat sir,' he avers and lugs it around. Thankfully, I think that bat broke sometime in the nets. 'I will get it repaired sir,' says the young lad. With Rohit you just know he will get it repaired and most likely use it again as well.

Undoubtedly one of those guys who will light up the screen someday in my opinion and will do a good job as well. Here's wishing you luck Rohit, and From my side, you do fulfill all my expectations of the actor playing my favourite character in the book!

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