Monday, September 20, 2010

Where Does Your Energy Lie?

A thought struck me yesterday that we look at people closely, you know pretty much where their energy seems to be focused on. Some people clearly live in the past in a dreamy haze and are constantly talking about the past - obviously their energy is stuck there and they have very little energy to live their current life. Some people seem to have much of their energies stuck in other people - either their spouses, sons or daughters, or whoever - and are constantly thinking and talking about them and they have little energy to live their life. Some people are stuck with some ideas of how their lives should be - either a self righteous mode or whatever and they also fail to see and live a life as it passes by without their coloured shades. Some live in their future, some in a constant drama.
But clearly it can be seen that our energies are drawn some place. If we cannot see it, others can. Worth asking your close friends, and family and see if it makes sense. And I think if we draw some energy back to our life, it would add some much wanted zing to it.

Bit like how children can be. Happy, sad, joyful, adventurous - but in the moment. No 'shoulds' in their lives - just living. And living fully, unlike most of us, who live partial lives.

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Rajendra said...

good thought..expand on it, and you might have a book.