Friday, September 10, 2010

Review of Let's Play - Not Very Complimentary (To Me)

Chanced upon a review of 'Let's Play' the Puffin collection of  sports stories today on the net. The reviewer from TNN has picked my story 'The Secret Weapon' for special mention - and classified it in the 'almost boring' category. An excerpt from the review.

:....In fact,the very first story,The Secret Weapon,is by Harimohan Paruvu,a member of Hyderabads Ranji Trophy team in the mid-1980 s.It is about a cricket match between the snooty and cocky Orchid Public School and low-brow Model School. But the writer fails to convey the on-field drama and tension of a nail-biting encounter.The sense of predictability about the denouement makes it almost boring....'

In all fairness, I guess it is quite likely to bore adult readers. And without any offence to the reviewer and quite as an aside for our publishing industry, it might be interesting to get children to review children's stories. It would be a lot more interesting coming from the target segment and would give their perspective. (Come to think of it, I will embark on the job myself and get a few reviews. I will post them on the blog as well. Watch this space!)

Another interesting thing about the review was that the reviewer has also picked the one story that I thought might appeal to the young reader (10+) the least in this collection - 'The Wrong Un' by Amit Varma, as the best story. For sure, the reviewer and I are completely off frequency! 

Also, I must mention why I took the trouble of writing this post - it is the first adverse review I have received. (For my writing I mean, and in the public domain. Adverse reviews have been received in plenty in the private domain on all aspects of my life.)

It can mean only thing - that I am arriving. Yeah!

The link to the review:


Sudeshna said...

Hi Hari, Happened to stumble upon your blog. Don't be upset about the review. As you pointed out, the Hindu one did get it spot on. And, both picked up your story to comment on from the 12, so that's good!

Harimohan said...

Hi Sudeshna,
Nice to see you here. Too thick skinned now to let reviews bother me.
But seriously don't you think that the target segment should review the book? Children should review childrens books. I am experimenting on that and gave the book to some kids (without telling them that the grumpy uncle wrote one of the stories). I'll put their reviews verbatim on the blog.
Any forays to Hyd?
Hope to see you around more often!