Monday, September 20, 2010

The Misfit - Sent Off

Sending off one draft of 'The Misfit' to Keerthi started a whole new thought process in my mind. I can now see how more depth can be added to each episode, how each episode could be placed in a proper sequence, how I can actually place the episode in some contemporary context with a slight addition. Of course, this is the part that is the most interesting always. Getting the story done for the first draft is good but it is the filling of these little gaps, the cutting and pasting, the adding of a line, a nuance, here and there that I enjoy the most. The best lines, the best ideas seem to come now - little little ideas that add a lot to the end product.

Naturally it gets as delicious as a wonderful meal that needs to be garnished before one partakes of it. I speak more from the angle of the cook than the eater here. One can understand the satisfaction one gets while running these last parts. The path suddenly becomes clear, you also know now how the structure falls in and what you need to do to make it touch a new high, and you just can't wait to do it. You are waiting to start on it at the first opportunity, with a deliberate action that says - I am coming, I know how to fix you.

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