Friday, November 12, 2021

Visit to Abids

 Last Sunday we went to Abids upon Anjali's request. I hooked up with Vinod who normally haunts the Sunday market every week and we caught up at 1130. As he met us Vinod gifted me a copy of the Zurich Axioms  which I was delighted to have. Looking forward to read it.

Anjali checking out books

I was observing Anjali though. Vinod suggested a book to her immediately - a short children's story by Chitra Divakurani Banerjee. I would have felt some pressure if an uncle of mine had suggested a book reading and might have bought it. But Anjali was clear. She looked at it and put it back. I bought it.

Vinod checking out books

We then moved here and there and it was fun to see her check out books on her own, carry her books. She enquired about the book prices on her own and refused to negotiate with any of them for even a rupee. Vinod had already got a good deal on some book, he got 50 bucks knocked off one book, but Anjali was not going to be swayed. Once when she was picking up a book for 300 bucks I asked her if I should negotiate. She said no, she would rather pay the entire amount.

It's not about getting a good deal or a bad deal, it just about what you think you should do. I liked her clarity in the way she picked up her books, dealt with the shop owners and refused to bargain with them. Interesting perspective and well done A.

She ended up with a nice haul of books. I got a couple myself.

After book shopping we went to Taj Mahal, drank some coffee, and got a meals packed. Good Sunday morning work.   

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