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Bijapur - Ghoda Gaadi Ride and the 12 Tourist Spots

Gol Gumbaz looms over the Bijapur town and its size and shape are so impressive that it hits you like nothing else even as you are approaching the town on the highway. From Naldurg to Sholapur and then to Bijapur through Sholapur's traffic and then on to the highway (most part brilliant) and it took about 2 and a half hours.

I thought I'd head straight to Gol Gumbaz and head off the next day after some quick sight seeing. I went in to park and as I got off a middle aged chap came to me - looking  very parking lot officialish. I thought he wanted me to park someplace else but he was like -if you go in now its like a mad house- go tomorrow at 6 in the morning'. There were a lot of people so I wondered about his advice. 6 is a great time to check out these monuments so I cross checked with another person and he confirmed it. Then this guy says - in two hours I will show you 10-12 sights on my ghoda gaadi for 1000 bucks. It looked like a crazy enough offer so I said, let's go. And off we went. This chap's name was Murtuz, his friend  Hashim joined us, and the beautiful black horse was Arjun. Off we went feeling like we were back in Sholay times.

First to the impressive Masjid. Then the Mahal. Then the huge stage. Then the Jod gummat. Then the Ibrahim Rauza. Then the cannon. Then the watch tower. Then the Lakshmi temple. It was already a couple of hours and I was tired so I decided to pass the others.    

Ghoda gaadi - Arjun (horse), Murtuz (driver) and Hashim (guide)

Jamia Masjid  - Built by Adil Shah after the victory at Talikota, it is one of the first mosques built in India. Massive. Accommodates 5000 people he said. One entrance made made by Aurangazeb.

Entrance - impressive

Massive prayer hall

View of the Aurangazeb gate from within the mosque


Aurangazeb gate

A lovely structure - part of the mosque

Off we went then, through the narrow and dirty lanes of Bijapur in the ghoda ghadi, as they expertly managed to not hit anyone or trample anyone. I saw many old houses.
Old house

The structure on the left belonged to some nobleman

Mehtar Mahal - Built in 1620 it is considered an architectural marvel. It was the home of another nobleman as I gathered.
Mehtar Mahal - Magnificient

The entrance

Inside - view of roof

Some intricate architecture
View of the road

Gagan Mahal - I am not sure if this was Gagan Mahal but it sure looks like it. It's a beautiful spot, lush lawns, people sitting around. Lovely.
Lovely place - darbar hall and all

There's a nice group of people sitting in a circle at the corner

Loved this pic - Life in Bijapur

Jod Gummat - Two domes,  holy places, housing tombs of two holy men. Women not allowed says the sign. I went in. Low ceiling, beautiful interiors.

Jod Gummat

Ibraim Rauza - The Taj of the Deccan, the tombs of Ibrahim Adil Shah and his wife Taj Sultana. Architect Mallik Sandal. The structure on the left is the tomb - Ibrahim Rauza and the structure on the right is the mosque. Exquisite.
Ibrahim Rauza on the left, mosque on the right

Ibrahim Rauza

The mosque

Another view of Ibrahim Rauza 

Malik e Maidan - There is a huge,  huge cannon which they said was brought from Ahmed Nagar as dowry when Chand Bibi was married into the Bijapur Sultanate.
Cannon from Ahmed Nagar

Upili Burj - Watch Tower. Has some two flights of steps from where you get beautiful views of the city.

Upili Buruj

Some more quaint houses on the way, a Lakshmi temple etc. Ghoda gaadi charges 1000 bucks (can negotiate surely). Guide took another 400 but need not have paid since he simply tagged along. Anyway the duo was entertaining so I was happy. I didn't see 12, only 7 but that was OK.

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