Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Archer - Paulo Coelho

 Big rip off. I am extremely disappointed with the book. The art work by Christoph Niemann is brilliant. The prose was bland and there's nothing that is said interestingly. The archer Tetsuya is someone who learned archery and became the best. But he has now given up archery and makes a living as a carpenter. A challenger comes and challenges the archer who says I will accept your challenge but do not reveal to anyone where I am and what I am doing. Of course he trashes the challenger and then teaches the young boy with him the fundamentals of archery.

First up, we need allies (people who are interested in what you are doing) and we need to share our knowledge with them. The best allies are those who do not think like everyone else. Join those who take risks, fall, get hurt and take more risks. Who are open and vulnerable. They should sing, take pleasure in life,have joy in their eyes, who never stop. They should be enthusiastic. (By now we know its not easy to find such people)

Then, the bow.

It is life, the source of energy. Allow it to rest so when you need it, it will be ready. Be in harmony with it and never ask more than it can give. Your bow must be understood and to do that it must become part of your arm and an extension of your thoughts. (Again, being one with the instrument and taking care of it well)

The Arrow

Is your intention. Must be crystal clear and straight and balanced. Shoot even if you may fail. If you never take a risk you will ever know what to change to get better.

The Target

Your objective. You are responsible for choosing your target so don't blame anyone else (why would we do that). Respect the target, bring it closer mentally and only when it is at the very end of your arrow, release it. Your target is your friend. Don't look at target alone - look around it (Drona would not agree). Understand the target - ask - if I am the target how would i like to be hit (I doubt if the target would want to be hit)


Serenity comes from the heart.  Elegance is not about comfort, it is the best posture if the shot has to be hit.  Elegance is achieved when everything superfluous has been discarded.

How to hold the arrow

It is how to be in touch with your intention. Set clear intention? A man's intention should be perfect, straight, sharp, firm, precise.

How to hold the bow

Our source of energy. Breathe. Concentrate. Do it without tension (how). With a tranquil mind review each stage and your hand will stop shaking.

How to Draw the Bowstring

All archer's knowledge should concentrate on the point where the arrow touches the bowstring (where else). Be like a musician playing an instrument. Ask the bowstring for its cooperation.

How to look at the target

With love. Don't judge yourself. 

The Release

One shot with soul and another without soul. 

Draw the bow, breathe correctly, concentrate on target, be clear of intention, maintain elegance of posture, respect target, follow destiny. The arrow must leave at the moment when bow, archer and target are at the same point in the universe - this is called inspiration.


An action is a thought made manifest. Practice and repeat until your actions become part of you. Each time is different. There comes a moment after much practice when the archer no loner has to think of what he is doing. He becomes the bow, arrow, the target.

How to observe the flight of the arrow

There's nothing to do after the arrow has been shot. Smile.

The archer without bow, arrow and target

The archer learns when he forgets all about the rules of the way of the bow and goes on to act entirely on instinct.

Then you go and do something else.

I did not find anything of depth. It seemed rather superfluous.  I don't know why I typed so much. Maybe I thought there was something more. I don't think there is. Avoid.    

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