Tuesday, November 30, 2021

First Anniversary - Dr Nalini Nargundkar - Aai - Nalu maushi - Ajji

 The trip to Pune was primarily on the occasion of the first anniversary of Shobha's mom. It was a tough month last year for all of us but there was much she left behind for us to learn and imbibe. Shobhs, me and Anjali were there last year and we decided to invite the others who were around - Shashi maushi, Gauri and Prakash, Parth and Maria, Meera and Vijay. Ashu came, So did Swapni. Suhita came all the way from Mumbai!

Aai and Kaka

I wrote down what I learned from her in my morning pages and I realised they are powerful lessons. Here's a list.

Madhav Bungalow - Named after Madhav Oak, her father

1. Live passionately

2. Never say No attitude, no judgment

Parth, Suhita, Shashi Maushi and Vijay

3. Always smile, look at the bright side

4.  Never speak badly about anyone 

The lot

5. Give easily

6. Love people, love company

7. Be childlike

8. Fierce independence

She loved playing cards - so...

9. Learning mindset, curiosity

10. Humble, grounded

Ashu, Bhavana and Shobhs

11. Dress up well

12. Never panic

A tree she loved  

13. Be enterprising

14. Be careful with money and paperwork

More details on each soon.

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