Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Thought for the Day - Risk is About Trust

 On one hand we are averse to risk. Which means we want to control. Now controlling risk is what we are all doing. But when we control it, is it really a risk anymore?

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Risk must make you feel completely vulnerable. It must set the butterflies in your stomach going. We must fear losing something in the quest to gain what we want. Only then is it a risk.

To risk then, is to trust. Trust with no surety or control attached to it. That is the right kind of risk. The type of risk that does not trust in oneself, in the universe around us, but goes in without being aware, is likely to fail badly. But the risk that is based on trust of oneself, on the universe around, and still losing control over the process or the outcome, that is the risk worth taking. 

That's the kind of risk that pays off most times because you'll risk for what you want and you're willing to lose for that.

So to me, risk is about trust. Control is about not trusting. Risk pays off. Control keeps you stuck.

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