Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Artist Date 7 -Beauty Green

 This time I decided to move there for a couple of nights. I told Koni I was coming over, packed some stuff and headed off in Carlos. I reached there at about 7 and was alloted room number 2. I never saw the inside of these rooms and Sadiq and Nadim took my stuff away while Koni showed me the new barbecue he had bought and some chicken kebabs he was planning to make. We sat down in the cold, it was pretty cold and had a drink of rum and chatted. Sadiq operated the tandoor and we were soon given some fine chicken kebabs. We wound up at 1030.

Alone with the silence

I went to the room, the only one that was occupied in the entire resort and checked it out. It was nice, perfect for writing with a round table, a few chairs, a nicely set up room. I set myself up and worked till 1230, the complete silence and lack of disturbance helping much. I slept wondering if the feeling of being alone would bother me. It didn't.

My writing table

I woke up at 640 and headed off to the terrace. It was cold but the morning sun warmed me a bit. I sat and wrote my morning pages and journal and then went down for some writing. I wrote till 1030 completely undisturbed until I got a call about breakfast. 

Walk post breakfast

I went down and stuffed myself with some lovely dosas and walked along to work it off. I saw some construction activity and Masti Farms an organic venture which they let me see. Back to the resort and more writing until almost 3 when I got a call for lunch. I stepped out more for the break than for lunch, grabbed a couple of mouthfuls of rice and curd and potato from the mutton curry and went back fro another hours work. At 430 I headed out for a run and ran a good 7 plus kilometres in 1 hour 20 minutes, running all around Beauty Green and beyond. On the way back I met Sona and Zor who recognised me and were happy to see me.

Morning at Beauty Green

Back to the room, shower, and work. 

Terrace writing

At 730 I got a call from Koni that he was back with some rum. I worked for another hour and joined him at 830. He wa with company and once again there was chicken and kebabs and I drank some rum, ate kebabs and we split at 1030 which seems to be the right time to split. In the room I wrote till 12 in the night and slept, not as well as last night but good enough.

Old friends Sona and Zor

Morning pages, journal and then I decided to head back. The silence, the emptiness, the sheer nothing to do (no TV, no proper Wi Fi) was brilliant. I should do this more often. Thanks Koni and see you soon my friend before the winter is up.    

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