Monday, November 29, 2021

Bhuleshwar Temple - Pune

 I reached Sholapur pretty soon and found the way out without going into the city. Thought I would stop somewhere for a bite and checked with Tanhai who was hanging about quietly. Tanhai has now become a bit more adventurous and she opted for a roti, dal fry and anda bhurji stop at some small dhaba. I had picked up a few guavas so I did not feel very hungry until I was closer to Pune but when I saw the perfect dhaba I stopped. I realised he also made the perfect roti, dal fry and anda bhurji.

First sight

Entrance - can't make out

While chatting with him I asked about Bhuleshwar temple, an 8th century Shiva temple, and he said it was not too far from there and it was worth a visit. I checked the wikipedia, my favorite source for quick information, and found that it was both a n 8th century and a 1200 AD temple. One said it was built by Krishnadevaraya. Also it is declared a protected monument and supposedly has some exquisite carvings.

Exquisite carvings

Dramatic interior

I put the maps on Bhuleshwar and Tanhai and I were happy to see a beautiful road veer off into some wonderful green fields on either side. Fields of chrysanthemum showed up, probably for commercial use. The temple could be seen at a distance but I realised that we had to climb a ghat to get there. At the top of the ghat, the road going to Saswad, we headed off a narrow road which led to the temple.

More exquisite carvings


View of plains around

There were a few visitors there and Tanhai and I walked around the temple wondering where the entrance was. A dog wandered in and out and so did a cat. Then we found that the temple had some activity - there was a priest and some puja activity going on. There were some instructions not to take pictures but everyone was - perhaps that was to do with the deity only I thought. I got some pictures. I bumped into this person who seemed to know about the temple history - he said this was very old, as was proven by the figure of a Ganesha in a female form. Another story about the  temple is that if you offer doodh pedhas to the deity some of them go missing by the next morning.

Temple from the outside

The bell - beautiful

Another view

The carvings were intricate. The place had some serious presence. I prayed to the deity, headed out, took some pics of the bell and the environment and then made my way back. This had been a worthwhile detour. Tanhai seemed to agree. And if Tanhai is happy, we are happy! Off to Pune then!   

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