Thursday, November 4, 2021

Jai Bhim - Movie Review

 Tamil cinema comes up with some startling true life cases about atrocities on the most backward communities by the rich and powerful and the well placed communities. I saw 'Asuran' and now 'Jai Bhim' and the one thing that strikes you is that the super stars in Tamil industry do not shy away from playing the roles of dalits or backward caste people. The cases are also brilliantly chosen and one is amazed at the research the goes into it and the sensitivity with which they portray the stories. Clearly these stories must be told, the way the backward communities are treated shown, the  way the entire system colludes to protect their own. It's gripping stuff even at 2 hours 45 minutes - I started watching it at 12 midnight and thought I'd check it out for half an hour. I ended up watching the entire film without missing a moment. 

Suriya plays real life hero Justice Chandru who took up this case and plays it well. We need more heroes like him.  

Watch it.


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