Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Day Trip to Mumbai - Meeting Tharian Again

 So after the pre-pandemic U2 tour when I had met up with Tharian who is now safeguarding Nerul for me, I made a day trip with Maria and Parth to meet Tharian while they went ahead to attend a wedding. We took off at 130 pm and reached Mumbai at 530 or so. 

I caught Tharian midway Chembur and we headed back home chatting in the car. He told me how he had busted his car and how he was using Marina's car now due to an unfortunate incident with some chaps on the road (they whacked his rear view mirror and went away). Anyway we spoke of this and that - Raju, the job (he wasn't happy about it) and other things. We bought some beer and snacks and went home. He has moved since the last time I visited him to a swankier part of Nerul.

Mumbai always makes me feel different. There's something raw about it, like the finer things are missing. No leisure, too much in the moment, survival stuff. Everyone seems to have an agenda. It's nice, for a while.

Marina and Sanjana were at home and they joined us while we chatted and laughed about our lives. Rahul joined us briefly. Marina had cooked some lovely dinner - appam and chicken curry - I fully overate. Then we waited for Parth and Maria to come which they did, closer to eleven. I felt bad keeping them up but what to do. We got home by 2 am and crashed.

As always, the trips to Tharian's are well worth it. I came back happier, having laughed a lot more. Was fun to chat with them all. Hopefully see them all soon! (And hey, Marina kept my t shirt that I had forgotten and gave it to me - if it was Tharian, that would have been the end of it!)  

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