Friday, January 31, 2020

Talk on Leadership and Team Building - MCRHRDI

This is my second talk at the MCRHRDI. Vinod asked me if I could deliver a talk on the topic and I was more than happy to. The participants were 50 Assistant Section Officers who work in the Secretariat and other government offices. I was received by Naveen Reddy, Deputy Director, a pleasant and efficient young officer, and Pavithra who is pursuing her Ph. D. at the University of Hyderabad.

We swung into the program right away and answered questions such as 1) what is leadership? ( Influencing people, Holding group energy), 2) How important is a good leader? (more than 50% impact of a good leader on results) and 3) Can leadership be learned or is one born with leadership qualities? (Yes)

Since a good leader makes a big difference and it was an art that can be learned, we decided to get some understanding of it. First, we answered the question if any of us were leaders. We figured that we are leading our lives so we are leaders in a way and that we are influencing some people so we are leading. Can we do it more efficiently was the next question.

To understand leadership we decided to deconstruct the leadership box which consisted of four boxes - Why – Purpose, Vision, Agenda
- What – Goal, SMART goal
-  How - Culture, efficiency, process
-  Who – People management

So we decided to first start with leading ourselves and set ourselves a purpose to begin with -a long term vision for our lives, say over a 20-year timeframe. We watched the TED Talk by Simon Sinek on 'Start with why'. Then all the participants attempted to write down the purpose of their lives.

Then we looked at the what - the goals to achieve on a shorter time frame of 10 years, five years and 2 years. They were professional, financial, material etc. I explained the concept of SMART Goals – and urged everyone to write goals which they did.

Then we looked at the How – the values that they want to practice. We also looked at how one can get 10x results by improving process.

Lastly we looked at the most important part, the Who - and looked at how we can manage people the best. We did exercises on the 3 As - Acknowledging people properly, Appreciating people and Asking for help. We also did a short energy exercise to show how our energy changes with the context we set for ourselves.exercise

Briefly touched on communication, importance of feedback and team work before time ran out. Next time I'll just show the videos.

I ended with an insight into secure and insecure leaders and how leaders evolve from being Insecure leaders to being Personal leaders and finally being Secure leaders. We looked at the connection between being secure and being vulnerable.

The final idea - be secure leaders, grow people and create more leaders, mentor and coach. Start with practising personal leadership. Take charge of your life, to start with.

Good luck all. Thanks Vinod, Naveen Reddy, Pavithra and Pradeep.

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