Sunday, January 19, 2020

Anjali - Daksha's Excursion to Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

The first major school excursion for Anjali was this one - to Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh. As always Daksha School did a thorough check and proposed the idea. Wild Ventures, a firm that organises these tours was the chosen one. They came and gave an orientation to the parents. To Nagpur by train, to some camp nearby for ice breaking, games, adventure sports etc. Overnight stay at camp in tents. Morning trek, activities, quizzes, bonfire. Head to forest accommodation. Early morning safari, visit to a nearby village. Safari again the next day. Head to Nagpur and back. No gadgets. Call in a given time slot. Drop and pick up from school. Sounded cool.
At school - pick up!
The kids were pretty excited. Woollens, thermals (it was pretty cold out there), last-minute shopping and Anjali was all set.
Burmah Bridge at camp
We dropped her off at school at 730 pm where a whole bunch of nervous parents and children shuffled about.
Rock/wall climbing
After a while we realised we were not helping the kids or the teachers by hanging around and left.
For the first time, Anjali would be away for five days from us. New.
Yoga with Viola

Anyway, the teachers were considerate enough to send pics on the WhatsApp group - children standing and talking to one another, queued up at the station, on their berths etc.
Nerves settled down - they didn't forget anyone behind!
Another one
On a trek

Next day onwards the pics came in a flood. The camp. Various activities at the camp. Food at the dining room. The time to call came and we found that there was no network. So WhatsApp calls etc.
Visit to local village

The same routine continued for the rest of the days.
Anjali and co did not see any tigers thought one bunch did.
Time to go - with the Wild Ventures team
In the Gypsy 
Overall they seemed to have had a lot of fun! Good show Daksha, Good show Wild Ventures. 

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