Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Insaniyat ke liye karo - Two Good Samaritans

Sunnie dropped in for chai and I drove with him to Persis at SR Nagar which has become my favourite chai adda these days. Save the fact that they do not have sitting space and serve chai in paper cups I love the cleanliness, the flavour and the chota samosas they serve. I parked as usual on the road opposite Persis and while negotiating the edge of the road, those sharp killer edges that are left after cement roads are made for someone to fall and crack their skull, I realised that the front wheel had slipped off the edge and I was stuck.
Majid, Shahid and me - the severe look was accidental! (Pic - Sunnie)
A few passersby came and looked and tried to lend a hand. We put stones under the whirring wheel, tried lifting the car, tried my flimsy jack - nothing worked. The original lot left and another lot came by to help. I loved the fact that I did not need to ask anyone to help - they were all volunteering by themselves. Among this lot came two thirty-five-year olds and it was obvious they wanted to give it a try. Said one to another 'let me see how much of a mechanic you are'. The other smiled and got into the act. He tried the jack, the stones, lifting...nothing.

It was now almost half an hour.

He looked across the road and told me -'Ask them for the hydraulic jack,' he said pointing to a car alignment centre. 'We can lift the car with that.' I walked across and asked the owner - a chap from whom I bought tires before and he told me some cock and bull story about the jack being too big etc. When I went back and told these guys that he wasn't willing to part with the jack, they went by themselves and caught hold of the supervisor and told him we need his help. 'Insaniyat ke liye karna ji,' he told him. The supervisor agreed and soon we had three young mechanics joining us with a big hydraulic jack. The young mechanics set it up, lifted the car off the side. The young man, Shahid, got into the car by himself and eased it on to the road.

Everyone was happy and smiling and even as I was thanking the mechanics, they were heading back to work satisfied with their part. These two young men were also going away with a broad smile when I asked them to join me and Sunnie for a cup of chai. They were reluctant but then said ok. They were both searching for Bajaj Electronics and I guided them to the right place.

We ordered chai and samosa and they were quite happy with it all. Shahid and Majid live in Sultan Nagar near Moti Nagar and have been living there as long as I have been living here. They both drive Tata Aces and work for an uncle of Majid who has some business. They were out shopping for Majid's sister's wedding. 'We live near AG colony,' said Shahid. I told him I used to play cricket there in the early 80s and he said he used to play too when he was young. They had an easy camaraderie about them, ate only one samosa each modestly and were all set to go.

I said we should take a pic - it's rare to see such good work. 'Insaan insaan ke kaam nahin aaya to kaisa,' said Shahid. I agreed. But it's not everyone who does it I said. Shahid said he just saw us in trouble and came. 'Bas dua milta hai,' he said. 'How many blessings do you collect every day like this?' I asked. They smiled shyly.

As we sipped chai I asked him how come they came here and he said he was following the Google maps to Bajaj Electronics and got lost. 'Looks like you were searching for me,' I said. They laughed. I took Shahid's number and said I would call if I ever needed a Tata Ace. They said they would be glad to help. 'We even help move houses,' said Majid.

Sunnie took a pic. We shook hands and off they went - the two good samaritans. I love the way they came into my life, all smiles and good humour, helped me like I was their own brother and walked off happy. I am sure I have not seen the last of these two - they reminded me of Tam and Richie - the characters from Magnus Mills 'Restraint of the Beasts.'

Wonderful stuff. Thanks Shahid and Majid. God bless you fellows. My dua is certainly with you two.


naveen said...

Heartwarming to hear your experience considering the absurdity you hear & see otherwise.

Harimohan said...

Isn't it Naveen? Really was.

Dr. Seven said...

Beautiful experience.