Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Year in Action - 2019

In many ways this year has been a year of growth. I found a new focus on writing, on myself, on execution. I am still struggling with my OKRs but I am hanging in there with those practices. Income, projects, comfort in my own skin, have all increased.

Books read (82)
Read 81 books - some that impressed me were 'Deep Work', 'Pitch Anything', 'Ikigai', 'Nation of Fools,' 'Cry, My Beloved Country'.

Movies watched (103)
Watched 81 movies. Cursed the OTT platforms. I don't even remember most of these films. Need to get more choosy this year. The Barbarian Invasions, Roma, Two Popes, Narrow Road.

Book - The Renaissance Man

Articles - The Hindu (Hampi House)
Articles - Punch Magazine (Article)

HANS - 29 
New Indian Express - 16

Book Launches
The Renaissance Man - Dr. MV Sridhar
Hyderabad Jersey Tales - attended

Travel - lame
Hampi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Nellore, Tirupathi, Nagarjuna Sagar 

Lit Events Attended
The Unfestival, Hampi - a 10-day writer's retreat
Times Lit Fest, Bengaluru
Hyderabad Literary Fest
Book launch of Early Indians

Talk with Subir Chowdary - author and one among the top 50 thinkers of the world at TiE, Hyderabad

Panel Discussions
Times Lit Fest - Prajwal Hegde

Events attended 
U2 Concert, Bali (play) 

Fun stuff 
Farmville stay
Shadaab at 3 am
Charminar at 3 am on Ramzaan days
The great mango plucking initiative by Vasu
Book sharing initiative in the colony
Meeting old pals Mony and Tharian Peter
Visits to the second-hand book market
Charminar at 8
Qutb Shahi

Anjali and I - Anjali initiated the following
Jogging at the park
Table tennis at home
Visits to the Abids second-hand book market

People I met
Tenzin, Govind Raj, Subir Chowdhury, Dr. Neeraj Raj
The Hampi Crowd - Sathya Saran, Piyush Jha, George Mathen, Chandrahas Choudary, Sharon Irani, Shireen Quadri, Shubra Krishnan, Nimmi Raphel, Brandon, Elisabeth, Vishakha Jindal  

Anjali, Dr. Nalini Nargundkar

Talks (2)
Sreenidhi International School, MCRHRD

Workshops - conducted (4)
Infiniti Labs - Vision and Culture Setting Workshop, Leadership Workshop
Construction Specialities - Leadership Workshop

Workshops - Attended
Constellations - Shobha
Money workshop - Shobha

Teaching (DoD)
Arts Management at Hyderabad Central University

Coaching Mentoring
Cricket at MLJ Academy
Executive coaching - 5
Mentoring - 5

Gifts I Got
Paper wallet from Anjali, U2 ticket by Malay, Mont Blanc pen, Books from Abhinay, Vasu, Vasu's mother, Achyut Menon, Miskil, 

Gifts I Gave
Books mostly - Ramaraju, Vasu, Suresh, Anjali, Shobha

Happy with writing work - columns, books, stories. Need to improve travel, quality of books and movies, do more talks, give more. 

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