Sunday, January 26, 2020

Anjali - Daksha Academic Fair

Soon after the excursion to Pench National Park the children got busy with their academic projects. Anjali took on a project explaining the heart and the way it functions. She had got deep into the heart of the matter and soon it was ventricle, vena cava and this and that. She made a model of the heart, tried to make a working model with tubes etc from IV sets but then gave up. So it remained a figure, well-drawn which would also go into her projects.

The next project was one where balls tied on different lengths of strings when moved at one time move in a sinusoidal wave like formation. Balls were got, stand made and soon it was done. Then there was a chart where we had to guess the common Hindi words fro English words. Anyway the day of the fair came up and we visited the school.

The projects and games were interesting. A solar tracker, surface tension, wind power, ox bow lakes, li fi (light fidelity), mag lev trains, check dams, word games in Hindi, Telugu, English and other things.
We enjoyed interacting with the children and listening to them explain the projects and where they got the ideas from. Anjali explained her projects patiently once again to us.

As always a nice experience to visit Daksha. 

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