Friday, January 24, 2020

Nrityam Dance Academy - Bharatanatyam Workshop

Suchismita is one of my students from the first batch of students I taught the Arts Management course at the University of Hyderabad. She was always a keen student and benefited the most perhaps from the sessions we had.

She imbibed the marketing aspects of what we had discussed and combined it with her passion for dance and has progressed in leaps and bounds. Many times I feel she is doing a better job with the lessons we discussed than I myself am.
Guru Erika and pupil Suchismita
She uses the concept of a mentor really well - she is frequently in touch with me and update me about what's happening and listens to any suggestion I may have. Most others call me only when they have good news - I tell them the mentor should be called especially when things are bad and even otherwise - every now and then.

So the other day when she invited me to a function to mark the end of a Bharatanatyam workshop conducted by her guru Erika Ingrid Nani who had come to India in 1969 when she was 22, learned dance, and has been teaching in Assam since, I decided to go. Suchismita runs a dance academy 'Nrityam Academy' which is quite popular.

It was a lovely function with about 40 children  of 6-14 performing what they learned, Suchismita honouring her guru and then giving ghungroos to graduating students.
Guru Erika, Mr Nandi and me
I enjoyed the program a lot. I met Suchismita's husband Shuddha who is very supportive of her endeavours and guru Erica and her engineer-turned yoga guru husband Mr Nandi.

Wonderful evening. Thanks Suchismita

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