Friday, January 17, 2020

And a Thoughtful Gift - Thank You Radha!

Radhakrishna Vootla is a pal from my MBA days. These days he is a software engineer in the USA - he went there 25 years ago. Whenever he comes Radha gives out a shout and we try to meet and we end up having some interesting conversations. This time we met him and Venkataramana, another pal from the MBA days and his wife Gayatri at an impromptu coffee, beer, lunch, coffee, mirchi bajji meeting. It was great fun.
Venkataramana, me, Vishwaprasad,Vijay, Radha, Sanjay, Shobha and Gayathri
Radha messaged me saying that he had brought a pen as a gift for me. It was very thoughtful of him. We met again a day after and he gave me this lovely Cross pen.

In return I gave him a copy of 'The Men Within'.
My new Cross pen!

Thanks so much Radha. I am always bowled over by these thoughtful gestures. Now to use your pen and write some good stuff. 

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