Monday, January 7, 2019

Workshop 'Visioning, Culture and Goal Setting - Why, What and How' - Infiniti TechLabs

We did a one-day 'Visioning, Culture and Goal Setting Workshop' with Infiniti TechLabs over the weekend. The idea was to bring the top leadership team together and discuss issues like the purpose/ vision (a 20-year horizon), values and gaols over 10, 5 and 2 years. We tried to get some shape to the future by using the collective intelligence available in the group. There were 16 participants  - Gautami, Ajay, Suresh, Santosh, Santosh N, Anand, Neelima, Inder, Shrujit, Raghu, Revanth, Lavish, Rajneesh, Ramesh, Murli and Sunil.
Team Infiniti!
The general idea was to first explore the purpose of the company - what we would like to create over a long time horizon like 20 years? How we would like to impact the world? What we would like to see and say - hey we created this? We took some inspiration from Simon Sinek and understood the importance of purpose to good work and motivation.
Teams in action
Then we looked at the future in three-time horizons - 10, 5 and 2 years - and tried to look at how it would look numbers wise.
Adding my two bits
These were to be aspirational goals and not to be confused with committed goals which the organisation would set otherwise.
A team at work
The team was split into four teams and each presented their numbers and we arrived at a mutually agreed set of numbers for various key parameters.
Cafeteria being used - food for thought!
Then we looked at how we would like to achieve the numbers - the values that are serving us, that we need to drop and that we need to add. Among the many values we wanted to adopt, we chose a few, defined them and looked at the behaviors that we wanted to cultivate as a value and thereon as a culture.
Getting it all together!
The participation was enthusiastic and energetic. It was a good exercise as it always is - good to set  broad contours of the future plan together that we are all part of. Makes everyone feel like they own some stake in the journey.
Final touches - everyone involved fully!
Here's wishing Team Infiniti great success beyond what they imagined.

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