Thursday, January 10, 2019

Farmville - A Day out

'Farmville' is a farm on the outskirts of the city. It's basic and good enough for a bunch of cousins to get together and indulge in some bonding. It has a nice pool (apparently), a cricket pitch (played some), a small orchard growing guavas, and a place to light a bonfire which helped to complement the December cold.

To the left, the owner Virender, an IT professional in his 30s, was having a couple of Jaipur tents constructed. They look like those war tents we see in movies -  cosy and nice with a small balcony on the outside. To the left of the pool is the way in and behind the cameraman is where the two rooms lie. Each with some ten beds each. It's a good place to eat, drink a lot of crash and wake up.
I tried my hand at bowling flighted off spin.

Satish showing pictures of the baby to a pleased mom
Anjali checking out the poultry

Waiting for something to appear
Guess we were waiting for breakfast or something. Food was served in copious quantities and was reasonably good. Again, don't get your hopes up.
Satish enjoying the bonfire
The winter cold, a bonfire that refused to catch fire, people who refused to sleep. Finally, the bonfire gave up and by the time it started crackling, the people gave in.
Group pic
That ended a rather interesting outing. The tents look interesting though. 

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