Monday, January 28, 2019

Notes of a Dream - The Authorized Biography of A.R. Rahman - Krishna Trilok

I received this book as part of a secret Santa project last Christmas. I was eager to get a lot of information about AR.

Allahrakka Rahman, originally Hindu, born to talented music director Shekhar, picked up music from his father and his many compositions. His father also asked his friends who dropped in to teach his son stuff about music. Rahman's father was tech savvy and used pretty advanced equipment even then. Unfortunately, he succumbed to an illness from which he never recovered and life at home was suddenly uncertain. AR's mother decided for him when push came to shove - music it was. Hiring equipment, composing music himself, a long period when he composed music jingles - Rahman put in his 10000 hours into his music and his equipment at a young age. By the time Roja happened he had a whole bunch of compositions that he had composed along the years. Roja was the turning point and he never looked back since.

His intense concentration is what sets him apart. His tech savviness is another feature I noticed in the super successful - a creative and solution-oriented mind I guess. The sheer body of creations is another. The number of hours he works. The eagerness to experiment. The drive to make it the best and not compromising.

A feeling that deep down that he is only the medium and not taking himself too seriously but taking the art and Him seriously, comes through. Complete humility, never complaining, never angry, respectful - many wonderful attributes of the man who won two Oscars and countless awards in India and abroad. AR lives out of Chennai, Mumbai and LA.

Interestingly he is now producing films - Le Musk, 99 Songs and another one. He is directing Le Musk. He has built YM Studios (in progress) on par with Ramoji in thought, the KM College of Music and Technology and so many more.

A good role model for all creators. Put all your energies into creating if you want to be a creator. Create the best you can even if it takes time, without waiting for public acceptance. As you create more and more, go deeper and deeper you will get better. And all these creations will come in good use.

Good effort by young Krishna Trilok.

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