Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wind / Pinball (Two novels) - Murakami

I have read six or seven Murakami's. The experience is pretty much like life or those parts of it that don't touch you. It's nice while it lasts and seems to promise something as it is happening and in the future but by the end of it you don't know what actually happened. To me, the best thing about him is the way he keeps the reader going despite having no clue or no reason to because after some time you realise he is on his own trip. Suffice to say that I remember nothing of any of the books I have read - a scene here or there. A feeling.

'Wind' and 'Pinball' are two early novels. They are about the same person growing out of college, his life filled with western music, cold beer, girls, books, cigarettes.

'Wind' is about a time when the boy is in college. He helped a girl with nine fingers who passed out in a bar, taken to her home and stayed with her to see if she was ok. The girl is suspicious about what he did to her when she passed out. He also has a friend called Rat who is very rich, hangs out at Js bar, and does nothing much else. The narrator pursues his nine-fingered girl who works in a record store and also thinks of the three major affairs he had.

'Pinball' is about the same person who has now moved to Tokyo to set up a translation agency. He has taken in two girls, identical twins, and he has no idea where they come from or what they do except that the girls make great coffee and perhaps are great in bed. The narrator has found a great love for a pinball machine in J's bar and seems to have a secret love affair with it. His model is missing and he tracks it down to a warehouse and has a conversation with it. Take care says the pinball machine and he returns home to find the twins packed up to go.

Why do I read this guy still? There is something he is saying that I don't understand - I think. I am sure a lot of people do of course. There is another big book of his lying in my shelf and I know I will read it. That's the problem with Murakami. You can't ignore him.


Rajendra said...

Yeah, the pull is to read him, even if you don't get GOT it!

Harimohan said...

Oh yes Raja, totally. While you read him, it feels like you know that world and once you are out, it disappears. Like that. But the trick is to keep reading - simply because you got to read him.