Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up - Dave Barry

A good book to start the year with because Dave Barry always makes you laugh out loud. This was not his normal book though - there was stuff that he did not make up (which he normally does) and there were a couple of serious articles like the one about his son Rob and another about Graceland.

But the form continues. He takes potshots at boating expeditions, about travel in Hong Kong, him being on TV, snakes in the loo, incompetent robbers, raising teenagers, male and female communication systems, kids and education, males meeting females etc etc.

There's one part I must add here from an article on punctuation. '...exception to this rule is teenagers, who should place a question mark after every few words to make sure people are still listening. Eg. "So there's this kid at school? Named Derrick? And he's like kind of weird? Like he has a picture of Newt Gingrich carved in his hair? So one day he had to blow his nose?...'

I have seen better but Dave's standards are rather high. Laughed out loud many times as usual. Thanks Dave. Thanks Raja.

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