Monday, April 17, 2017

Thought of the Day - The Art of Wasting Time

Watch IPL
Discuss IPL
Discuss how bad IPL is
Wonder about Lalith Modi
Wonder about Vijay Mallya
Wonder about Narendra Modi
Wonder about Ambani
Wonder about Crime and Punishment
Discuss Conspiracy theories
Discuss scandals
Discuss falling morals
Wonder about CoA and BCCI
Discuss Demonetisation
Shut up about Demonetisation
Discuss politics
Watch videos of WhatsApp
Forward videos of WhastApp
Delete videos on WhatsApp
Say Good Morning
Say Good Night
Watch mobile phone for any signs of life
Watch health videos and get scared
Delete messages and videos
Think how boring life is
Wonder if it will always be like this
Wonder if we will ever get the right people who will entertain us
Worry about health of nation
Worry about financial health
Worry about health
Look at Facebook
Wonder how everyone is going on vacations
Wonder how the others got such fine jobs
Wonder why others are so happy
Wonder what's wrong with you
Look at Facebook friends and wonder who they are
Wonder how they are all going on such fancy vacations
Wonder when you can go on the vacation you have been planning for years now
Shut Facebook
Get depressed
Switch on TV
Get depressed
Wonder how Kapil Sharma seems so happy
Hear about Kapil Sharma's row with his pals
Discuss how Kapil Sharma should behave
Discuss how the government should run the system
Discuss how environment should be saved
Discuss why the world is so stupid and wastes so much time
Try to help others by telling them what they should do
Do not listen to others who are trying to help you just as you are trying to help them
Wonder why people are so pig headed
Wonder why people don't support you
Wonder why the world does not recognise your latent talents
Wonder what your talents are
Fall into deep and disturbed sleep
Wonder why life is so boring

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