Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Keeper of Lost Causes - Movie Review

This is the first of the Danish trilogy of Department Q, a series of intense crime stories (I saw the second one first - The Absent One). Anyway the crime solving duo of Carl and Assad, meet in the infamous Department Q, a cold case closing department, where their only job is to close old cases. But you cannot keep good men down and so the duo picks one interesting case of a missing woman and finds that it was hurriedly shut off as a suicide case without a body or any evidence.

These movies work because I felt the writer was able to conceive such strong negative characters. For long you wonder how evil the villain must be to do things he does. He is so depraved that you also wonder what it is that must make him like this. But he has his reasons and strong ones too and well the two heroes do what they have to do in the nick of time.

Intense and memorable stuff in the crime genre. Great characters - Carl the intense and socially inept and Assad the other was, perfectly complementing each other. And as crimes go, its no holds barred. Not for the squeamish.

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