Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Conspiracy of Faith - Movie Review

The third of the Department Qs trilogy and is probably the best in terms of keeping you on  the edge of the seat, your hands to your mouth or at your ears. It gets into your mind, under your skin and for that, the director and crew must be complimented.

A twenty year old message written in blood lands up on the sea shore and finds its way to Department Q. A chance report of kidnapped children, a case of no missing children report, a religious sect - and we stumble upon the vile villain who pathologically goes after children-siblings especially. The belief that the devil helped him to be strong when he needed it most, that the idea of faith in God is misplaced and how he devotes himself with the devil inside him to bring out this misplaced faith, drives the story on the energy of such naked evil. Once again the negative character is so powerful and so evil that you wonder how bad he can get, and once again he has his reasons and it takes all of Detective Carl's mad obsession to bring justice and Assad's patience and emotional balance to bring justice - to some, if not to all.

There are no real happy endings here. Both sides suffer losses and bad ones too, and the good wins, by a whisker. The beauty is that it wins. Again, not for the squeamish unless you enjoy watching people's guts being ripped out with scissors.

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