Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thought for the Day - Love is Treating Humans (Life) With Dignity

Be it is emperor or the sweeper, the one quality that sets apart true greatness is the one quality that makes them treat all humans, all life, with dignity. If this one quality is missing, I feel that the person does not belong to the highest order, however high an office he may hold, however great an achievement he has achieved.

The one idea that brings dignity to humans (life) is the one that becomes a billion dollar idea, many times unknowingly. The government that cherishes dignity and ensures that all its people are treated with dignity will remain in the hearts of the people for long. The person who treats all he meets with dignity, need not utter a word about love or pride or courage or equality. It is the one who manipulates, who coerces and who straitjackets that cannot earn pure, heartfelt love from the people, the audience.

If we can treat a person with dignity, as a whole, with his beliefs, ideas, wants, desires, thoughts, acts, color, size etc intact, we have done our bit for the world. We have treated one of our own with respect. And when we do, we treat ourselves with respect and love. 

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