Saturday, April 15, 2017

Thought for the Day - The World Works "For" Me

It struck me today that the world is actively 'working' for me (triggered from a line that said that x was not working 'against' you but working 'for' you). When I thought about it, looked around at all those people (and things) who are actually working 'for' me, it put the concept of gratitude and even forgiveness in the right context. I also wondered how a phrase like 'working for me' which could be perceived as arrogant, can have such a soft, grateful tone if looked at differently.

 The list of people and things working 'for' me consists of all that sustains this concept of me. Family, friends, colleagues, clients, employees, students, teachers, service providers, government, gadgets, education, nature, elements and everything else that sustains this concept of me that lives and breathes and acts and thinks. Almost every person we interact with - for example the chap who designed this blog - has worked 'for me' and brought this into existence so I could use it. Or a plant that works 'for' me and gives me oxygen to breathe. What a wonderful world this is that everything has been 'worked' at by someone to the best of their ability to sustain this reality of me, to make me as comfortable as they could.

To imagine that at this very moment the whole world is working hard to sustain this concept of me is mind boggling - I can so easily see everyone doing the best they can to make this happen. The thought fills my mind with gratitude. It is far easier for me to feel gratitude this way rather than making a gratitude list, because for some reason a gratitude list to me appears like one is doing another  a favour whereas in this situation it appears as if everyone out there, the entire world in fact is working for me. Of course all I do is also sustaining life, and all that I somehow interact with - sometimes without even knowing it.

Thrilled to bits with the idea I asked Anjali and Mansi who were busy playing a pen-fight, to list all those who were working 'for' them. Surprisingly there were no questions and before I knew it they were listing stuff away and came up with about  100 people or categories working 'for' them.

Does not leave much to complain about does it? Step back, bask in the love of the world and count your blessings.

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