Sunday, April 9, 2017

Disconnect - Movie Review

Put the Internet around people, give them access to all the good and the bad in the world and step back. Watch as people blindly trust the convenience, misuse it and cause misery to themselves and others. It's there to stay so it is better to know it some more.

Kids who fool others with fake ids and fall for the easiest punch - of love and approval. Kids who are offering love and approval and some kinky stuff on private cams and giving their customers an outlet. Lonely adults getting cheated on chat rooms, gambling and sex sites and losing their privacy, money. Online shaming nearly taking the life of one child and getting another into serious trouble. All that's one click away. All that shows how disconnected and faraway we are from reality and how much we are drifting away further.

I would have liked the movie to go on and end on a hard-hitting note instead of the safe and happy route with nice possibilities. It could have made more people a bit more aware.

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