Monday, April 24, 2017

Anjali - I Like Giving, And Receiving

I really admire those who have enough love in their hearts to be thoughtful enough to buy gifts (the right ones) for others. I was pretty surprised to see a long list drawn up by Anjali for all the people we would be visiting during our trip to Pune and Mumbai (there are 10 so far). There were things for everyone - bottle, journal, joke book, book, table mats etc etc.

I asked her why she was making this big list of gifts.
'It feels nice to hear their voice  saying Thank You' so sweetly,' she said. 'Everyone likes receiving gifts right? That's why I like giving gifts. To see their reaction.'
I nodded.

'I like receiving gifts too,' she added in case I was getting the wrong notion.
I looked at her,
'When someone gives you a gift it means they are thinking about you right?' she said.
So it does. Someone is thinking about you.

Giving. And receiving.

Both in equal parts. Both thoughtful. Nice.

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