Friday, April 14, 2017

The Absent One - Movie Review

A Scandinavian trilogy with two police detectives from the famous Department Q - the Drunk and the Arab. A heavily burdened Dept Q gets a request from a retired police officer to reopen the murders and rape of teenage twins, his children, a couple of decades ago. When refused he kills himself by slitting his wrists in an X pattern in a bathtub (all irrelevant stuff). He leaves a box with clues.

The team finds many murders, rapes and other such stuff committed by school kids, one rich boy and his sidekick. They are helped by a crazy girl who is the rich boy's girlfriend until she becomes pregnant and finds that rich boy has no ideas of accepting fatherhood. She disappears from the scene. The detectives now have to find her to know more. They find that the rich man and his sidekick and now respectable men in society but are still at their old tricks. The girl is now fully crazy and dangerous.

A nice end to the movie with all the villains killed and disposed off in an efficient manner. Now to see the other two. In fact, this one was the middle one. I think the title refers to the girl.

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