Friday, April 21, 2017

Something to Learn From Apache

Apache is Divya's eight month old dachshund. We could hear him barking while at the gate but once he had access to us, he was unstoppable. It was the longest production of a welcome scene filled with overflowing enthusiasm, high energy and love that I have ever seen. It lasted through the half an hour we spent there but the first fifteen were all Apache's.
Apache on the lookout to spread some love
He licked, pawed, climbed over and even held on to me while I was going away in a fashion that little children do. He somehow managed to get his little paws around my leg as if saying - 'Don't go'. All the while that we were there he was running between us, jumping on the bed and off, making his affections known to us in a way that one cannot ignore. Only after fifteen minutes did he shift his attentions to the chewy bone he had. But he had us in his sights all along.
Apache spreading love to the pillow
Divya said that this is how he is always and it takes a long while to get him under control. We wondered if this is how we should all be - full of enthusiasm and energy. That welcome that he gives might be something to emulate for us - making others seem like they are so special, like they were the centre of the world. We laughed about how Apache was probably trying to teach us a lesson there. Shobha said that perhaps if we welcomed people who came home like that, our lives would be different maybe.

Not a bad thing to be aware of and practice. A no-holds barred welcome, a way to make others feel like the world is all about them. Hmmm.

Thanks Apache.

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