Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thought for the Day - Maybe It's Been Working All This While

For the past three months my car stereo has been quiet. It's been the longest quiet in the car. For some reason or the other I kept putting its repair off. Perhaps the thought of the expense, the time involved, the stress of changing the system perhaps, all played on my mind.

Yesterday I swung into the lane near Rasoolpura and pulled into one shop in the row of car accessory shops. The mechanic came. I told him that the system has been off for three months. No power I said.

He reached in and touched a button.
'Kaam kar raha hai na saab,' he said. The system was on, lights flashing.
He continued fiddling with the stereo till he adjusted all the stations and equaliser and then nodded.

'What did you do?' I asked in disbelief.
 'Nothing,' he said.

For three months my stereo was working and I thought it was not. Wonder what else is working in my life and I am thinking is not?

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